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Many people love to have a pet animal with them. Out of the entire pet animal dog is one of the famous amongst them. Besides having them just out of love and affection, many people have them for emotional support. If you need some emotional support, adopt them for your support. If you don’t know emotional support animal letter then follow the below points we will guide you in the process.

What are emotional support dogs?
These are the dogs which help to an emotionally disabled person to have a cure from such emotional Delima. These dogs do not need to be trained professionally for such type of emotional support. They are already fully equipped to handle such disability unless they cause any disturbance to the locality or the people living in the locality.
How to qualify for such support?
Below step will discuss the process:-
• Questionnaire: First you have to fill the questionnaire which includes different questions related to your full biodata, mental health and number of animals you want.
• Professional verification: The questionnaire which you filled will be examined by the professionals for the process of certification of ESA (EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL).
• Certification: Once all the verification process is completed you will be issued ESA certificate. That certificate will be issued by the professionals like psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist and other licenced mental health professionals. This certificate is issued in the letterhead of the mental health professional.
What should be there in a certificate?
There is a list of disorder out of which at least one should contain in a certificate.
• Learning disorder
• Attention disorder
• Cognitive disorder
• Motor skill disorder
• Disorder due to a substance.
• Sexual disorder
From the above discussion, you have known the way, how to qualify for emotional support dog

How to Qualify for An Emotional Support Animal

ESA Questionnaire